About the Revmanager project

To completely achieve our goals, we must fully know the industry where we operate in a global, systematic and scientific way.
Currently all businesses are inserted in highly competitive contexts. Our brand it’s positioning as a reliable source of information about Revenue Management science and a partner to create a competitive business advantage with scientific knowledge on hotel revenue.

The real Revmanager challenge is here:

"How can we create a competitive advantage in an environment where noise is already ambient music?"

We must structure what we sell, how we sell, where we sell and who we sell. Only by this way, the service is seen for its value and not just for its price.

We are hoteliers by passion, we create alliances, synergies, guiding the business and turning its focus in to value added services through revenue techniques.

The relevance of the tourism sector in the national economy has been increasing, the supply must be sustainable and translated in unequivocal quality. It’s more urgent than ever, to know-how to run strongest revenue strategies in business. Applying to all its revenue techniques to differentiated business areas across all the organization.

All this project information will be based on several topics relevant to industry, business strategy, revenue management, forecasting, marketing, sales, e-commerce, distribution, training and others.

Here you can find several practical tips to optimize the whole process of creating revenues by giving priority to the direct bookings in your business unit.

We are active professionals from the hotel sector with more than a decade of experience in several strategic areas from hospitality and tourism industry. We have recently started this adventure, after identifying that in a large part of the national and international hospitality scene, there is a lack of information and services in revenue areas. All hotel and tourism businesses do not have the strength and skills to develop all these new requirements. This is where we can offer a cohesive, focused and results-oriented partnership.