Advertising and Public Relations

Revmanager was born from the dream of reaching the hotel industry with the ability to act with the best existing tools, in an increasingly fierce market, regardless of its characteristics, dimensions and limitations.
We are avid for technology and passionate about the hotel and tourism industry.

We share our know-how in a clear and objective way and we like to be part of this wave of change that force us to face challenges all the time, always favoring direct bookings and the capture revenue in an optimized way.

How can you work with us?

Editorial Coverage - Invite us to test your product or service. We will be happy to share our opinion with you and our readers. We can carry out evaluations of services and tools, through properly identified sponsored publications.

Quality Evaluation of Services (hotels) - Any evaluation will have to be seen as an inspection visit and / or mystery clients, with the submission of a final report.

Coverage in Social Networks - Mentions in context of the brand, with presentation of links in social networks, in our networks (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Telegram).

Offers - A relevant offer is always a good way of interacting with our readers. Contact us for the multiple ways in which we can offer your product to our readers.

Sponsored Posts - If you are interested in a sponsored post, please contact us for the proposal.

Display Advertising - There are several formats in the column on the right side of the website. Contact us for the available options and values.

Evaluation of the quality of services and systems - We carry out an exhaustive evaluation of the quality of the services provided to the guests under surprise visits.

Brans Representation or Commercial Visits - We perform brand representation in Portugal and offer a service of commercial visits to potential clients or partners.

To consult or send a proposal according to your objectives, please send us a email even today .

We will be happy to start a new partnership and introduce you to many other services!