Revmanager Team

Revmanager we are your team - Nice to meet you ;-)

Susana Castro

With a degree in Tourism Business Management she has held operational roles in such areas as Front Office, Housekeeping, e-Commerce and Sales. She has specific training in Revenue.

Miguel Costa

Specialized in revenue he owns a Master degree in Hotel Management, has more than 14 years of experience in the business world, leading areas such as marketing, e-commerce, sales and revenue.

Anabela Carmo

Bachelor in Accounting and Administration from ISCAA, graduated in Financial and Fiscal Management. She's a member from OCC since 1999, very experienced in areas of finance, accounting and management.

Soraia Mourinho

She made her career in e-Commerce and Marketing at chains such as Tivoli, Ritz-Four Seasons, Pestana Hotels and Starwood Hotels. She’s graduated by Univ. Católica do Porto in Hospitality Management.

Ivete Pinto

Has a degree in accounting from ISCAP, is a member of the OCC. She is experienced in accounting, finance of government support programs and counts with a Master degree in hotel management.


Revmanager it's your personal hostess ;-)

Teresa Dieguez

Entrepreneur and business development in StartUps. Strategy and Entrepreneurship lecturer at Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA).

Jorge Pacheco

Marketing Lecturer at ISCAP - Porto Polytechnic Institute, Digital Strategist at Surreal Agency, master in digital marketing, trainer and consultant. Passionate about marketing and tourism.