Revmanager Services

In this Revmanager project, we understand Revenue Management as a cross-organizational system, wherever there is a need for intervention, for an attentive, focused and effective management. With a highly specialized multidisciplinary team, we provide a wide range of services for small and medium-sized companies, which allow us to combine growth with a service of excellence in several areas.

We share our know-how in a clear and objective way and we like to be part of this wave of change that demands challenges all the time, always favoring direct bookings and the propriety revenue capture in an optimized way.

Services provided:

  • Propriety Management
    The day-to-day business of a company is full of unexpected events that take the focus away from the manager. Attemptive minute planning is imperative with the creation of comprehensive strategies for the multiple pillars of the company. Are you looking for a hotel operator that can give you this competitive advantage? We are the right partner for the development of your business. With a strong DNA of business development we allways seeking new challenges, increasing the financial performance of independent hotels, hostels, campsites, local accommodation, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

  • Revenue Management & Yield Consulting
    Based on the experience and market best practices, a team will establish strategies to optimize revenue across the company's business area. Our revenue and pricing management specialists work every day to increase total revenue. With the best Revenue Management and hotel distribution practices, we will increase RevPar and GopPar of your hotel or tour business.

  • Sales
    Developing a solid sales strategy is the backbone of the company. An attentive sales force in full offline and online contact is available to strengthen the company's presence together in its markets.

  • Marketing
    Each company is distinct, with its own positioning. We identify the ideal market segments and prepare an action plan to increase exposure and contact points. With proper, assertive and effective communication we make your business a star.

  • Web & Digital
    It is impossible to subsist without online presence, it is through this that more than 80% of customers come from different markets and through a variety of channels. We master the techniques for increased visibility, strengthening the brand image and communicating directly with the future customer by increasing the exposure of your business.

  • Accountability, Finance and Tax Management
    The organization of all accounting information and preparation of the financial statements is the key to an immediate analysis of the state of the company. We have a team of certified accountants with many years of experience who assist us in the preparation of well-founded strategies.The legal requirements and pressures on cost reduction are increasing, while the demand for management information to support new strategies are the order of the day. We help you meet this challenge with financial strategy solutions for better performance. +info

  • Outsourcing Services
    The overhead in human resources is very high and most of the time it is not feasible to have highly specialized technicians, becoming an anchor and extra weight in times of low demand. We offer outsourcing solutions so you can be flexible with revenue, creating a financial freedom to focus on the essentials.

  • Implementation of new software
    Is it common to feel overwhelmed by the growing software supply? The perfect choice is based on several criteria and the success of the implementation depends on the parameterization to the company needs. Count on us, leave this project in our hands, we will draw up a plan taking into account your needs and we will carry out its entire implementation.

  • Implementation of processes
    In business reality, it is urgent to create new processes, implement and evaluate them. We follow all the strategic implementation processes, so that the plan moves from the paper to the operation, evaluating the production of results.

  • Brands Representation
    We are open to new proposals for Brand Representation from multiple sectors of activity, such as hotel brands, software, etc.

  • Advertising and Public Relations
    At Revmanager, we understand public relations as a strategic communication process that promotes and builds relationships of mutual benefit between companies and their priority audiences. Today all businesses need a good reputation to leverage their success and evolve over time. This is essential in an industry where there is constant consumer evaluation, as the company grows and becomes increasingly prominent in the community in which it is embedded. And while that depends on a number of factors, Public Relations is one of the pillars to manage the reputation and consequently the revenue of a company. We can communicate your brand by creating narratives of your products and services. +info

What are the reasons to sign contract with us?

  • Optimize and increase generated revenue
  • Have specialized consultants to execute a strategic plan and apply it
  • Achieving a competitive advantage
  • Allow the release of human resources. You will stop wasting time with the administrative tasks and will be available focus on the client
  • Greater capacity of negotiation with suppliers and distributors
  • Provide personalized service to your customer
  • Access to technology that would otherwise be unbearable for a small business structure
  • Lower operational costs, increase control and improve cost budgeting.
  • Allow the anticipation of business risk to market changes
  • Promote better management of investment needs and their return over time
  • Enable access to industry best practices
  • Transformation of fixed costs into variable costs, gaining advantage in seasonal fluctuations
  • Increase the efficiency of the operation and production of the propriety
  • Actively promote medium and long-term planning
  • Acquisition of new know-how and promotion of new working procedures

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