How to support this project?

This project aims to be one of the mmain meeting points for hoteliers all over the world, we wish to have an engaged community and develop the hotel industry in Portugal.

Starting point of Revmanager project

Revmanager was born from the dream of reaching the hotel sector with the ability to act with the best existing tools, in an increasingly fierce market, regardless of its characteristics, dimensions and limitations.
We are avid for technology and passionate about the hotel industry. We share our know-how clearly, objectively and we like to be part of this wave of change that is challenging us all the time.

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The best way to support this valuable project is by actively participating in its promotion, dissemination and creation of sponsored content. In this way, everyone wins, building a unique source of information in the national tourist panorama

We undertake to make available relevant information completely free of charge on our website with the aim of promoting and encouraging the adoption of Total Revenue Management practices in all business units

Collaborative ways to support the project:

  • Donations
    by email "paypal [@]"
  • Disclosure to employees, friends and acquaintances.
  • Display Advertising (Ads.)
  • Sponsored articles of high interest to the community
  • Combine the two previous modalities
  • Editorial coverage (with special offers for readers)
  • Hiring other business services

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